What You Need To Know About Braces
By TruCare Dental
December 30, 2020
Category: Oral Health
Tags: braces  

Have you wanted to get braces and straighten your smile? Perhaps your overbite or crowded teeth make you embarrassed, and you want to get them corrected? Discover your options with Dr. T. Truc Le and Dr. Alissa Nguyen at TruCare Dental in Garland, TX.

What Can You Expect When You Get Braces?

Become More Conscientious

To prep for your braces, be prepared to either brush your teeth well the day of installation or have your teeth professionally cleaned. The surfaces of your teeth have to be clean -- the braces need a smooth area to which to adhere.

When your dentist installs your braces, you will have to pay attention to more details while brushing your teeth, too. As your teeth straighten, food and bacteria will get stuck around the fixtures on your teeth.

You May Experience Some Discomfort

Braces are actively realigning your teeth, and that sometimes takes a little force over time. Rest assured that you will become accustomed to the new sensations of having braces in your mouth. As you get more comfortable, you will even begin to look forward to the final result.

Being Selective With Food

Crunchy, chewy, and sticky foods tend to strain or even undo the braces. If this should happen, consult with your dentist to figure out what to do next.

Managing Your Expectations with Braces

Your dentist will monitor your braces. The consistent observation helps to intervene in situations like if your wires pop or if one of the brackets slip. While it may not happen to you, these events are usual and do not mean that your braces were a bad idea. Constant communication with your dentist will help you get around these hurdles should they arise.

Still interested in correcting your grin? Braces are an excellent way to restore your smile in Garland, TX. For more information, contact Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Le at TruCare Dental.