Can I get braces even though I’m an adult?

Braces have been the most sought traditional method of straightening teeth. It is still a popular preferred orthodontic treatment consisting of wires and brackets.

Do adults need braces?

Many adults who are self-conscious about their teeth have a few treatment options available to them. Teeth move throughout life, and older patients may need braces to fix teeth that are misaligned or crooked. While you may feel like it’s too late for braces, you’re never too old for orthodontic treatment, though you may need to discuss a treatment plan with your dentist. It can also help fix bite problems. Typically, braces for adults are much less noticeable than those worn by children.

Are braces a good option for adults?

Yes. There is no age limit to orthodontic treatment. However, adult braces come with different challenges than braces for a child or teenager. For example, adults with braces need to be especially vigilant about keeping their teeth clean to avoid developing tooth decay.

if you wear braces as an adult, the materials used to make the brackets are generally clear or tooth-colored. This makes the braces less noticeable, especially from a distance. Clear braces help improve your smile by aligning the teeth in their desired position.

Issues to consider when having braces as an adult.

Braces are typically used to correct common dental issues, including crowding, spacing, crooked teeth, and misaligned bites. Braces for both children and adults can realign the teeth to improve oral health and prevent TMJ disorder.

Myths about braces

Many adults throughout the U.S. are deciding to get braces to improve their smiles. There are many myths about adult braces, including that

1. Braces are only for teens

Although braces are popular for teens, many adults of all ages choose to get braces.

2. Braces are too expensive

Although the cost of braces varies, many dental plans cover them. Some plans may cover up to $1,000 in orthodontic treatment.

3. Braces will hurt

Braces may cause slight pain and discomfort, but the amount of pain is typically minor. Many adults can adapt to braces within a couple of weeks.

4. Braces don’t work

With proper treatment, braces can improve misaligned teeth. Braces can even help adjust bite issues.

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