The Health Benefits of Orthodontic Options
By TruCare Dental
February 19, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Orthodontic  

Braces can offer our patients more than just a beautifully straight smile.

Braces can fix alignment and spacing issues in both your upper and lower teeth. Since most children aren’t born with perfectly straight teeth, many of them can benefit from turning to our Garland, TX, dentist Dr. Truc Le for orthodontic treatment. Of course, braces aren’t just for children. Our dental team can also treat teens and adults. If you want a healthier smile getting braces could actually help. Here are some of the lesser-known benefits of getting braces,

Improved Chewing

When teeth are misaligned this can make it difficult to chew and even swallow certain foods, which can affect what and how your child eats. This can lead to nutritional deficits and other health problems. Fortunately, getting braces can correct misalignments that result in chewing problems. Being able to properly chew food will also aid in better digestion.

Speech Problems and Delays

If teeth are protruding, crooked or misaligned this can also affect a child’s developing speech. As a result, children may feel too self-conscious to smile or may develop a lisp or other impediments due to crooked teeth. Luckily, early orthodontic intervention may be able to correct this problem so that your child can speak confidently and properly.

Prevent Decay

Getting braces could also reduce you or your child’s risk of decay. Crooked, crowded or gapping smiles are more likely to accumulate and trap plaque between teeth. This plaque will then slowly eat away at the enamel, causing cavities to form. This is a particular issue for patients dealing with overcrowding. By getting braces, our Garland, TX, family dentist can also reduce your risk for cavities.

Prevent Damage

If you are dealing with misalignments, the upper and lower teeth won’t properly fit together. As a result, every time you chew or eat your teeth are being forced together in an unnatural way. This can lead to excessive wear on the teeth, which can later cause chips and cracks. Braces can realign the jaws so the teeth fit perfectly together. Braces will also redistribute the weight more evenly across your entire smile.

TruCare Dental in Garland, TX, wants to make sure that you have the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Just because you weren’t born with it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve it. Call our office today at (972) 864-0000 to schedule your free orthodontic consultation.