Pediatric Dentistry in Garland, TX

Pediatric Dentistry in Garland, TX

Child dentistry, also known as pediatric dentistry, is the specialization dedicated to preventing oral issues in children from when they are infants to when they become teenagers. It is performed by pediatric dentists who are experienced and qualified to take care of the children’s teeth, mouth, and gums throughout their growing stages. Let’s dive deeper to know about child dentistry in detail.

Types of Treatments Under Child Dentistry

The baby’s teeth begin developing when they reach six months old. And then, by age 6 to 7, they start losing their teeth that are eventually replaced by permanent teeth. If they do not maintain proper oral hygiene, they possibly face the problem of tooth decay, which can lead to pain and complications later in their lifetime.

Therefore, child dentistry provides a comprehensive oral treatment that includes:

  • Oral health exams detect signs of caries in both the mother and the child.
  • Habit counseling for habits like using a pacifier or sucking a thumb.
  • Treating dental cavities or defects.
  • Managing pediatric periodontal diseases, ulcers, mucoceles, short frenulum, or other gum diseases and conditions.
  • Taking care of dental injuries.
  • Diagnosing oral conditions related to other diseases like diabetes, congenital heart defect, asthma, hay fever, etc.
  • Preventive dental care includes providing fluoride treatments and cleaning and nutrition and diet recommendations.

Importance of Child Dentistry

Oral health can dramatically affect overall health. When a person neglects to maintain appropriate oral hygiene, the whole body suffers, and it restricts you from eating and drinking, leading to deficient nutrients in your body.

Child dentistry looks after the dental health of a person since childhood. They recommend the parents start looking after the child’s oral health the moment they are born. 

Also, they urge them to consider child dentistry important as soon as the child gets its first tooth. They even recommend making your child visit the dentist after he turns one. This way, they will develop sturdy teeth and gums and protect themselves from long-term problems and complications. 

Pediatric dentistry is like a best friend to your child, and hence, your child will feel comfortable getting their teeth treated.

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