Root Canal Treatment in Garland, TX

Root Canal Treatment in Garland, TX

Are you suffering from severe pain in your teeth? It can be due to damaged pulp that needs to be removed immediately to prevent loss. We provide you with the Root Canal Service to eliminate the pain caused due to the diseased and impacted teeth.  

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal treatment is a procedure that involves eliminating the soft center of the tooth, the pulp. It contains connective tissues, blood vessels, and nerves that provide teeth nutrients to grow. Our experienced general dentists or endodontists perform this treatment.

When Do We Need A Root Canal Treatment?

You might require root canal treatment when the nerve of your tooth is severely impacted. Our tooth contains pulp that comprises nerves, blood vessels, and tissues. If the impacted teeth are left untreated, bacteria enter the root canal and cause infection on the nerve. When it becomes severe, it forms an abscess inside the mouth, thereby leading to pain or discomfort from the tooth. In such a scenario, you might require a root canal treatment.

Procedure Involved In Root Canal Treatment

  • We perform root canal procedures in our dental office. When you arrive for the appointment, our technician will take you to the treatment room when you arrive for the appointment. Then, one of our experienced dentists will begin the procedure by using the following steps:
  • First, our dentist will use a small amount of numbing medication in the gums around the affected area. Then, a local anesthetic will be injected into the gums, causing you to feel a burning sensation for a while. Don’t Worry! You will remain awake during the entire procedure; it will only prevent you from feeling any pain.
  • Then, they will make a small hole and remove the damaged pulp from the tooth. After successful removal, we use topical antibiotics to rid the tooth of infection and prevent reinfection after successful removal.
  • We will clean the canals and disinfect them and later fill and seal the area with a sealer paste and rubber-like material called gutta-percha.  Lastly, we will fill the opening with a soft temporary material, which will be replaced after the permanent filling is made.

If you are feeling severe pain and discomfort, do consider visiting our dentist Dr. Le, for consultation and root canal treatment altogether at TruCare Dental now! Please contact us to make an appointment.



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