Urgent Dental Care in Garland, TX

Urgent Dental Care in Garland, TX

You think of the dentist first when you experience a toothache due to tooth decay or another factor. But, imagine if the problem occurs while enjoying your weekend, holiday, or while sleeping. It's a dental emergency, but you cannot get to the dentist. In such a situation, you might need urgent dental care.

Let's understand what urgent dental care consists of and when you need it.

What is Urgent Dental Care?

Urgent Dental Care simply means managing dental conditions that require immediate attention. It is performed to obtain relief from high-level pain, limit the risk of infection, or eliminate the burden of hospital emergency rooms. 

You might also get urgent dental care in a private dental clinic. These clinics are available for immediate dental services like sore gums or jaws, toothaches, chipped teeth, or a lost filling.

When You Need Urgent Care?

As discussed earlier, urgent care is required when you are experiencing the need for a dental emergency. While some might need a visit to the emergency room, others can be treated at home. Urgent care is required during: 

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Bacterial infection on cellulite or diffuse soft tissue, along with severe infection inside and outside the mouth, leads to breathing issues.
  • Injury to the facial bone can cause difficulty passing air through the airway.
  • Furthermore, if you are bleeding, vomiting, have a very high fever, experiencing dizziness, or breathing heavily, you need urgent care.

Precautions Taken for Urgent Care

For urgent dental care, you might follow the tips given below:

  • If your tooth is worn-off, it is advisable to keep them moist all the time. If possible, try to place it back in the socket without touching the root. If you cannot perform it, keep it wet until you reach the dental office.
  • If the tooth is cracked, it is suggested to rinse it immediately with warm water. Also, use cold compression to avoid swelling on the face.
  • If you accidentally bite your tongue or lips, gently pat it with a cold compress after cleaning it with water.
  • It is a strict no to aspirin when experiencing a severe toothache. In such a scenario, you need to use warm water to rinse your mouth and remove any stuck food debris with dental floss.
  • Getting urgent care will prevent your teeth from infection and severe dental problems.

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