Teeth Whitening in Garland, TX

Teeth Whitening in Garland, TX

Teeth are our precious asset, and they are the reason for tremendous confidence in us. Hence, it becomes essential to look after them. Sometimes oral hygiene is not enough to maintain their natural, pearly-white color. In such a situation, you need to consider professional teeth whitening treatment. In this blog, we are going to discuss it in detail.

Why Do You Need Teeth Whitening?

We all want our teeth to be healthy, white, and sturdy. Teeth whitening is the ideal solution for it, and it is one of the most demanded procedures among people today.

But why do people need this procedure?

Well! The answer is relatively straightforward. Over time, our teeth get stained due to several factors like drinking coffee, red wine, smoking cigarettes, and aging. These factors make the teeth look pale and dull.

Therefore, to make the smile beautiful, people require this procedure to be performed either at the dental clinic or at home.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

As the name suggests, teeth whitening is the procedure that makes the teeth look white and beautiful: these are two methods, i.e., bleaching and non-bleaching. However, people always mix the two of them. The non-bleaching method removes the teeth’ debris or deposits and gives them a more clean look.

On the other hand, bleaching involves lightening, making the teeth a few shades lighter than their original color. Bleaching also includes hydrogen peroxide, which removes both the surface and deep stain from the teeth. 

It is recommended to undergo the bleaching process in a dental clinic as the products used by the dentist are sturdier than those available in the drugstore.

Types of Teeth Whitening

Although there are multiple procedures available for whitening teeth, the essential ones are:

1. Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment 

In this procedure, a dentist will apply a special gel that contains a whitening agent. Then, laser light is reflected onto the gel to activate it. Then, it will be cleaned out, leaving sparkling white teeth.

2. Bleaching

Bleaching is of two types - hydrogen peroxide bleach and carbamide peroxide bleach. Based on the teeth condition, your dentist will apply any of these, thereby giving you beautiful teeth.

It is very significant to consult the dentist before using bleach to suggest the best to whiten the teeth. He will also make a treatment plan to avoid any complications.  

TruCare Dental offers advanced in-house teeth whitening treatments by our cosmetic dentist Dr. Le and her team of dental assistants. Please contact us to make an appointment.



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