Dentures in Garland, TX

Dentures in Garland, TX

Missing teeth leave open spaces that can make ingesting and speaking difficult, and teeth near the gap could develop at an angle. Dentures are fake teeth that are detachable and composed of acrylic/nylon/metal. They fit securely over the bone and gum line to replace lost teeth and prevent gaps from causing difficulties.

Types of Dentures

  • Complete dentures comprise a whole set of dentures that substitute the whole of your anterior teeth.
  • Dentures that just restore one or a few lost teeth are partial dentures.

Dentures can aid in the prevention of digestion and speech impediments. Complete dentures can help you feel more confident and enhance the beauty of your face. It's also conceivable that dentures will not provide you with the desired results. Once you decide to go forward, talk to your dentist about your expectations.

How Dentures are Fitted 

  • Complete Dentures:If all of your top or bottom dentures have to be replaced, or if your previous complete dentition has to be removed, a full denture would be installed. You won't be without teeth for long because the denture will be implanted immediately after your teeth are extracted. The denture would rest atop your gingiva and jawbone comfortably. However, if you have dentures just after losing multiple teeth, the gums and bone will change form quickly, and the replacements will most likely need to be relined or remade in a few weeks. Your gums will need to recover and change form over several weeks before placement.
  • Partial Dentures:The purpose of a partial denture is to fill in the gaps caused by one or more missing teeth. It's a plate made of plastic, nylon, or metal with several fake teeth connected to it. Metal clasps commonly clip onto part of your natural teeth, keeping it securely in place in your mouth, and it is simple to unclip and remove.

Your dentist can take impressions of your teeth and arrange a partial denture for you, or you can go to a competent clinical dental specialist who can give you a partial denture right away once you've met your dentist for a plan of care. A fixed or permanent bridge is a removable partial solution that may be useful for some patients. Crowns are placed on the teeth near the gap, and an artificial tooth is placed in the space to connect them.

TruCare Dental offers quality dentures by our cosmetic dentist in Dr. Le and her dental assistants. Please contact us to make an appointment.



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