Dental Implants in Garland, TX

Dental Implants in Garland, TX

Missing teeth can affect both our appearance and inner confidence. Even though many teeth replacement procedures are available, the most popular one is dental implants. So, what is a dental implant? A dental implant is a prosthetic tooth root implanted in the mandible and left to integrate with the jawbone over time. 

Dental Implant Procedure

It is fused to the jawbone is the closest thing to a natural tooth since it stands alone without impacting surrounding teeth and is highly stable. Osseointegration is the term for the process of a dental implant fusing with the jawbone. Titanium is used in most dental implants, allowing them to integrate with bone without being identified as a foreign object in our bodies. 

Advantages of Dental Implants

The main advantages of having implants are the following:

  • Prevents Problems With the Teeth

If you break teeth, the dentures around them change drastically, causing oral health issues like jaw pain and earaches. Dental Implants, which are used to replace lost teeth, efficiently support the surrounding intact teeth and bones in your mouth, much like a tooth would.

  • Only Minor Upkeep is Required

Accidental implants are primarily created to protect the nearby teeth’ dental health. The fixed prosthodontics implant serves as a restorative base, enabling you to eat nearly any meal without the risk of compromising your dental work. The implants also help avoid periodontal disease and give your face a solid foundation.

  • Normal Function is Restored

Individuals lose their natural teeth once they become older because of bad eating habits and health disorders that affect tooth loss, such as diabetes or gum disease, widespread among the elderly. Dental implants replace lost teeth with artificial ones, restoring mastic function, speech, and appearance.

  • Replacement Alternative That Works

Although dental implants seem to be more pricey than most other endodontic treatments, they are viable in the long run as a replacement for lost teeth. Dental implants, except dentures and other dental prostheses, would not need to be replaced if they are damaged or lost. They will maintain their original state after being placed with good dental hygiene. 

  • Enhances One's View On the World

Sometimes, if you already have one missing tooth, it could significantly impact your relationships and interactions. You'll be able to live a far more full life having dental implants.

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