Appointment Cancellation Policy

TruCare Dental is committed to providing all of our patients with exceptional care. When a patient cancels without giving enough notice, they prevent another patient from being seen. We dedicate our valuable time caring for you, so please try your best to keep your appointment.

To better serve our patients, please call us at (972) 864-0000 by 2:00 p.m. on the day prior to your scheduled appointment to notify us of any changes or cancellations.

To cancel a Monday appointment, please call our office by 2:00 p.m. on Saturday.

Once an appointment is made for you, our office will remind and confirm your appointment days ahead by emailing, texting, or calling. You must confirm your appointment with our office when receiving notifications. Failure to confirm could result in appointment cancellation.

There is a 3-strike rule. If you have any three (3) missed, rescheduled, and/or no-showed appointments combined, we have the right to DENY your future appointment with us.

Strict Saturday Appointment: Since our Saturday is a short day and mostly by appointments if you no-show without prior notice you will not be able to re-schedule with us again on a future Saturday.

A no-showed appointment is an appointment booked for you and you fail to show up without any prior notice. A missed appointment is a no-showed appointment.

Please be aware that there will be a $25 fee charged to your account for any no-show appointment.

All discounts/credits given for the appointment when a patient no-shows will be forfeited.

This is by all intentions meant to be a constructive policy and a friendly reminder to our patients.

Thank you for your cooperation. We are here for you!


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