Signs You May Need a Root Canal
By TruCare Dental
May 28, 2019
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How a root canal from your dentist in Garland, TX, can save your tooth!

A painful tooth not only ruins your day but can also keep you from enjoying your life. Luckily, you don’t have to continue on with this acute discomfort, thanks to root canal therapy! A treatment that is able to eliminate your tooth pain without removing your tooth, root canal therapy is offered here at TruCare Dental in Garland, TX. Read on to learn how our dentist, Dr. T. Truc Le, can save your tooth and smile with this amazing procedure!


More about Root Canals

Sometimes, tooth pain can be eliminated with a simple filling or crown. In other cases, however, deep-seated decay might necessitate a root canal. Your tooth is composed of several layers, with an innermost layer containing the nerves and blood supply to your tooth. This area is known as the pulp. When the pulp becomes damaged due to decay, trauma, or other reasons, you need a root canal.

Pain is one of the symptoms you may need a root canal. Pay attention to tooth pain that is:

  • Increasing when you eat or drink hot or cold foods and beverages
  • Stabbing or throbbing when you bite down or chew your food
  • Radiating or moving into other areas of your jaws, face, or head

There are also non-painful signs to pay attention to, including:

  • The appearance of a white or red bump on your gums next to a tooth root
  • Drainage including blood or pus coming from the bump on your gums
  • A tooth becoming darker or grayer compared to the teeth next to it

Root canal therapy works by removing the dead and diseased tissue from inside your tooth and replacing it with a temporary sedative material. This way, inflammation, pressure, and pain are all eliminated! After removal, the diseased material is replaced with an inert filling, making your tooth as good as new!


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